After the huge success of Pink Angles of Life in October 2011, Friends Holding Hands (FHH) are back with another night to remember & another amazing cause - this time together with Nippon Adventurers Club.

Friends Holding Hands teamed up with Nippon Adventurers Club and hosted a wonderful night at the Bar & Lounge 28 at the Conrad Tokyo for the benefit of the Restart Japan Fund of Save the Children Japan featuring two great jazz artists - Sachiko Yamashita and Aaron Leamon.

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Our very first event in Tokyo at the beautiful Bar & Lounge 28 of the Conrad Tokyo - Pink Angles of Life for the benefit of Akebono-kai, a Japanese NGO supporting women suffering from breast cancer. We welcomed more than 140 guests and received donations of about JPY 185,000. This is a great result to show the social responsibility that the local and expat communities in Tokyo have contributed to breast cancer patients in Japan through the Pink Angles of Life - and Pink Angels.

Our wonderful friends from Tobin Ohashi Gallery kindly sponsored a beautiful set of ceramics designed by their featured artist Ryota Aoki.

For more information, please kindly check this link: Pink Angles of Life

You would have heard of the recent, tragic events caused by an earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan. It has created much terrible hardship and loss, with ongoing issues such as limited access to food, shelter, and medical support. The loss of and damage to communal infrastructure is hampering rescue and support efforts, and the risk of disease from contaminated drinking water and bodies that are still to be recovered, identified and buried is of growing concern.

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A charity event, which hosted approximatedly 250 guests, benefited to Room to Read and to promote a young fashion business.

Party theme is "Strings of Life", which rings a bell without doubt to anyone with a bit of electronic music history knowledge. We tend to believe that those strings pull us in all sorts of directions but forget that at times it feels great to pull & play those strings ourselves.

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On March 11th, 2011, northern Japan was hit by an earthquake registering 9.0 on the Richter scale, triggering a 10 meter tsunami that compounded the devastation to the surrounding areas. Over 9,700 people are confirmed dead and over 16,000 people still missing and unaccounted for. Frequent aftershocks continue to contribute to the widespread destruction of lives, homes and infrastructure. A huge emergency relief effort is underway to provide food, water, shelter and medical supplies to the many residents left homeless and struggling to survive.

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