You would have heard of the recent, tragic events caused by an earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan. It has created much terrible hardship and loss, with ongoing issues such as limited access to food, shelter, and medical support. The loss of and damage to communal infrastructure is hampering rescue and support efforts, and the risk of disease from contaminated drinking water and bodies that are still to be recovered, identified and buried is of growing concern.

The Japan Disaster Appeal - Hanoi event has received generous supports from approaximately 40 sponsors, and about 400 guests including adults and kids.

A total of approximately USD 8,200 was raised via the event, including ticket entrance, raffles and silent and online auctions. A separate receipt of USD 945 was enclosed in the Our Sponsors Album.

The donation has been channeled to Japanese Red Cross via Japan Embassy in Hanoi. Please refer to the Receipt by Japanese Embassy for details.

For more information, please kindly check this link: Japan Disaster Appeal