On November 8, 2012, Friends Holding Hands came together with NGO Yuimar for a concert/presentation featuring 16 children from the "Children of the Sun" orphanage in Mongolia. It was a night full of outstanding cultural performances and touching stories.

[About NGO Yuimar]

Our Mission: “To create society where children of the world can live with self-esteem and aim to self-actualization”

Our activities: Yuimar was founded in September 2007 by Tomoko Teruya.

Our vision is "To create an environment in which children, from all over the world, can grow up with self-esteem and self-actualization"

Awards 2012: Selected as WEF Global Shapers Community with McKinsey 2011: Best Social Entrepreneur Award from American Express Foundation.

For more information, please kindly check this link: Children of the Sun